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Book: Principles of Clinical Electromyography Case Studies
Book Overview
From Dr. Shin J. Oh, author of Clinical Electromyography: Nerve Conduction Studies, comes the second edition of the acclaimed Principles of Clinical Electromyography, Case Studies. This book is created especially for those wishing to reinforce their basic knowledge of EMG and keep up with up-to-date information on new or modified diagnostic approaches to various neuromuscular diseases.

This book brings you all these advantages:
  • General fundamentals of neuromuscular disease
  • Basic principles of electrophysiological studies
  • 90 cases that guide you through data; electrodiagnostic planning with actual illustrations of tracings; analysis of the presentation; and final diagnosis
  • DVD of various EMG wave forms
  • Step-by-step coverage of the common, basic electrophysiological techniques you're likely to use, such as...
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Repetitive nerve stimulation tests
  • Needle EMG and SFEMG
  • Normal values and basic approaches to interpreting electrophysiological data, ensuring that you get the most from your diagnostic tests
  • Specifics on correlating your electrophysiological data with clinical findings Dr. Oh's case-oriented approach sharpens your clinical decision-making skills and brings you up to speed on the basics of electromyography and the up-to-date information on neuromuscular diseases.
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