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EMG/NCS Online Series: Volume II: Electronic Atlas of Electromyographic Waveforms ( 2nd Edition )- 5 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION
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Author(s)  :  Paul E. Barkhaus, M.D.; Sanjeev D. Nandedkar, Ph.D.

Compatibility : Windows PC, MAC PC, Mac Book, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices

This subscription volume contains 4 sections: (1) Instrumentation, (2) Insertional & Spontaneous Activity, (3) Motor Unit Action Potential Analysis, and (4) Interference Pattern / Recruitment. Each topic begins with a detailed lecture that describes physiology, pathology, waveform recognition & characterization, methods for capturing the potential, interpretation, and reporting. The methods include those used in the routine EMG examination, as well as sophisticated quantitative analysis. In the workshops, you will see the authors demonstrate the techniques using signals recorded in normal subjects, and in patients with a variety of neuromuscular diseases. The electronic technology will give you the feeling as if you are in a real laboratory with a real patient studied with a real instrument as the authors systematically teach EMG signal analysis. Finally, you will be able to take quizzes that simulate "Board Examinations". Hints are provided to guide the student to arrive at the correct answer. 


In this second edition, you will find:

* 20+ hours of instruction
* 59 lectures
* Analysis of 227 signals in workshops
* 11 quizzes with 152 questions!
* 300+ recordings for assessment
* 'Frame by frame' review, as if examining signals on a real electromyograph.
* You can insert the videos in your PowerPoint presentations.
* No plug - in necessary
* Instant access to requested data
* Seminars, Workshops and Quizzes on
* I. Introduction & Instrumentation
* II. Spontaneous Activity
* III. Motor Unit Potential Analysis
* IV. Interference Pattern

Assessment of the EMG signals is an audio-visual experience. One learns about the abnormalities of the EMG signals by watching them flash on the display screen, by listening to their sound and by watching an expert manipulate the instrument to get the desired information. A major problem is the availability of the EMG signals to study at leisure. Some laboratories have used tape recorders for archiving EMG signals, others have prepared excellent video tapes. CASA has now used the multi-media technology to bring the patients, the expert and the instrument to you.

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