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2024 Electrodiagnostic SAE: If you exported candidate results files prior to May 30 and notice that the question order is not matching the PDF, please re-export the Excel files from the results page. The question order has since been fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Training Program Partnership 

An add-on subscription is available for residents and fellows.

Programs can purchase a 365 day subscription to the EMG Interactive Training Tool Bundle for $39 per learner.



EMG Interactive Training Tool Bundle

These interactive programs, nicely complement each other and allow the user to train themselves on the accurate recognition and interpretation of EMG waveforms as well as master the skills of MUP recruitment assessment. Use these tools to help fine-tune and improve precision in accuracy in your assessment.


This add-on subscription provides your resident/fellows 365 days of access to the following 4 interactive products:

  • EMG Recruitment Trainer
  • EMG Waveform Trainer
  • EMG Waveform Tester
  • EMG Rapid Waveform Tester

Before you purchase:

  • Access is granted per user, not per program. Update the quantity in your cart for as many learners as you want to access.
  • Purchasing an educational course for your trainee is called purchasing a voucher.
  • Once purchase is complete, it will prompt you to assign the vouchers to your learners. 
  • The 365 day access will start from the date of purchase.
  • $39 per subscription

Product details
These products are available online via a web browser. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. No CME credit is available for this subscription.


Author: Dr. Devon I. Rubin


Click here to learn more and view a demo of these EMG Interactive Training Tools

Reminder: Training Program Partnership memberships run July 1-June 30 each year. Renew your primary TPP subscription and manage your list of trainees through the TPP Director and Coordinator page each July to stay active. The add-on subscription detailed above will give 365 day access regardless of when it is purchased and does not follow the same July 1-June 30 dates.   

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