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AANEM 2021 Spring Virtual Conference- Self-Assessment Courses (SA CME credit)
Self-Assessment Instructions
Thank you for attending the 2021 Spring Virtual Conference! To claim self-assessment (SA) credit, you must attend the session and answer a post-test survey. There are a total of 4 self-assessment courses that you could attend (or 18 SA CMEs). You must get above a 70% on the post-test survey to claim credit. 

Important note:  ABPN and ABPMR's self-assessment CME guidelines require that attendees go to 3 hours of lecture and then answer post-test questions to claim 9 SA CME credit. Since our sessions are 1.5 hours of lecture, you must attend 2 self-assessment courses for every 9 SA CMEs you would like to earn. Credit has to be claimed in pairs so credit will not be granted if you only attend and answer questions for one session.

Here is the schedule of self-assessment sessions:

Wednesday, March 3
-Horses, Zebras & Unicorns:  Interactive Case Based Update Common/Not So Common NMDs – Part 2

Thursday, March 4
- Infection and Immunization in NM Disorders with emphasis on COVID-19 
- Disorders of Peripheral Nerve and Muscle Hyperexcitability
- Quality Improvement, Performance Measurement and Patient Safety in Electrodiagnosis and NM Disease
Availability: On-Demand
Available Mar 02, 2021 to Dec 15, 2021
Cost: FREE
Credit Offered: 18 SA CME Credits
Contains: 4 Courses
2621 Superior Drive NW Rochester, MN 55901
Phone: 507.288.0100
Fax: 507.288.1225
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